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The Corporate Eye Care Scheme allows all local business to use Broomfield Opticians as their port of call to provide staff with eye examinations, helping employers fulfil their obligations. We feel that we can help business meet the current legislation in Display Screen Equipment (DSE)/ Visual Display Unit (VDU) eye examinations.

As of 1st January 1993, the Health and Safety (DSE) Regulation came in force, which states that the employer is responsible for the provision of an eye examination for all staff who use a computer terminal for spells of over one hour (less if mistakes can have a critical effect). The employer is therefore required to pay for any spectacles required for VDU use only i.e. employers don’t have to pay for spectacles that are required for normal use.

Broomfield Opticians are able to provide your employees with a full eye examination with a report and if required provide a basic VDU pair of glasses, therefore, eliminating the need for your company to provide these relevant forms, saving you valuable time. We also accept Eye Care Vouchers and Eye Care Plan patients.

If you would like to enrol your company into the scheme, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Eye examinations are especially important as we become older and to meet the needs of our housebound patients unable to attend the practice, we can offer a full domiciliary (home visiting) service.
We can offer full eye examinations for patients in residential, sheltered and private homes so long as you have a medical reason for not being able to visit the practice.

We will bring all the necessary equipment to carry out a full eye examination including a check on the general health of the eye. We try to provide a similar level of service to that you would receive in the practice. Simply give us call, we book the appointment, we sort out the necessary paper work and on the day of the appointment we will call you back to confirm the time we will be coming to see you for added peace of mind.

We provide a full dispensing service for those patients who require spectacles and we carry a wide range of frames, some of which are free of charge with N.H.S. spectacle vouchers. Our service will even offer advice on lighting, low vision aids and how we can help make your day to day visual tasks easier.

We can offer advice on the best type of lenses from simple single vision to bifocals and varifocals. Plastic lenses can be coated to resist scratches and tinted to relieve the glare. We can also repair broken spectacles. At a later date we will deliver and fit any new glasses at no extra charge. We also have a range of magnifiers and daylight lamps to make the most of your sight.



The patient must have a medical reason for not being able to visit the practice and fall into one of the following categories:




Aged 60 or over


Receives Income Support


Receives Pension Credit Guaranteed


Is a Diabetic


Is a Glaucoma sufferer


For Nursing / Residential / Sheltered Homes, if there are several residents who wish to be examined and at least one of them is unable to come to the practice for medical reasons listed above then patients will not have to pay for their examination or visit.

Those patients not on Income Support may apply for help towards the cost of spectacles. Please ask us to supply HC1 forms before our visit.

Note: NHS regulations governing home visits are complex and the following is a brief guide. Please contact the practice if you would like full details.



Patients who are able to attend the practice cannot be examined at home under the NHS even if they are in one of the above categories. However we can examine them at home privately for a fee. Please contact the practice if you would like full details.


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